Celebrating World OSH Day with IAQ: Safety First!

Each year, the 28th of April marks a significant milestone in our calendar – the World Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Day. At IAQ, safety isn’t just a core value, it’s the cornerstone of our operations. This day serves as a powerful reminder of the paramount importance of fostering safe working environments and heightens awareness about the prevention of work-related accidents and diseases.

We extend our profound gratitude to our esteemed client for granting us the opportunity to host this momentous celebration at our project site. The day was nothing short of spectacular, commencing with the unveiling of our World OSH Day banner. In recognition of their unwavering commitment to safety, we awarded 11 of our diligent team members with prizes 🎉, a small token of our deep appreciation.

Events such as these underscore our steadfast commitment to ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for all. Let’s continue to place safety at the forefront of our priorities and strive to make every day an OSH day!

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