IAQ Celebrates Community and Philanthropy at Malam Bakti Sekalung Kasih

Embracing an Evening of Love and Gratitude! IAQ was honored to partake in the heartwarming celebration of Malam Bakti Sekalung Kasih, where we united to commemorate the birthday of YTY Pulau Pinang and express our appreciation for the Ex Penang-Football Players.

The joy and humility felt within us are immeasurable as we received a prestigious appreciation plaque from the esteemed Tuan Yang Terutama Pulau Pinang. This acknowledgment serves as a beacon, propelling us forward in our commitment to creating a positive impact within the community.

In the true spirit of benevolence, IAQ extended its support by making a generous donation during the event. We firmly believe that by uplifting others, we, in turn, uplift ourselves, fostering a cycle of positivity and shared well-being. Let us collectively contribute to making our community a better place.

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