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Safeguarding the Future of Battery Manufacturing with Cutting-Edge Dry Room Solutions for Lithium-Ion Batteries.

How it works ?

Recent advancement of Electrical Vehicle (EV) has increased the demand for battery cells, specifically lithium-ion battery due to its advantages to charge faster, last-longer and have a higher power density for more battery life in lighter package.

The intricate world of battery manufacture necessitates careful attention to detail and strict safety protocols at every stage due to the presence of hazardous materials and complex procedures. Ensuring the safe advancement of the manufacturing process requires an environment that is clean and controlled.

Manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries is a complex technical process and is divided into generally three major phases of activities, which are, electrode manufacturing, cell assembly and forming, aging and validation process. Dry room ensures low humidity and low particulate environment is achieved typically below 1% RH to eliminate the risk of exothermal reaction between lithium and water.

Apart from cleanroom, IAQ also specializes in Dry Room facilities design and construction. Having an experience in building dry room for battery plant in Europe and is proud of the quality work we delivered. Our unwavering commitment to safety in the ever-changing and dynamic world of battery manufacturing guarantees that every project is not just a production achievement but also evidence of our dedication to establishing safe and sustainable manufacturing environments.

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