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Semiconductor technology evolves at breakneck speed. Our ability to deliver fast-track projects is paramount. We offer streamlined project management, cutting-edge construction methods, and a dedicated team to ensure we meet tight deadlines and keep our clients ahead of the curve.

Fuelled by incremental global demand for higher computing and data processing, storage and sharing to support information technology infrastructures and operations, data centres are on a rise, demands absolute precision and highest standards for data security, and operational efficiency.

The district cooling and heating industry is a crucial sector focused on providing efficient and centralized heating and cooling solutions to communities, neighborhood, and large-scale developments.

Battery manufacturing involves hazardous materials and processes throughout its manufacturing processes, a clean and controlled environment and adherence to cleanliness and contamination control standards is quintessential to facilitate the manufacturing process safely. 

The solar industry is constantly evolving, with new materials and technologies emerging regularly. As a Total Facility Solutions Provider, our team is versatile, adaptable and ready to incorporate innovations into our construction designs to keep our clients on the leading edge.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing requires ultra-clean environments to prevent contamination and is heavily regulated. IAQ’s expertise in cleanroom construction incorporating with regulatory guideline specification guarantees that these facilities adhere to the highest cleanliness standards and comply with stringent regulatory requirements.

In food and beverages industry, perfection begins with spotless cleanliness. The food and beverages industry covers the production and distribution of the food and drinks we consume daily. It is a vast sector, including everything from farming to packaging, with wide array of products.

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