Pharmaceuticals & Hospitals Solutions

Leading in GMP-Grade Cleanroom Expertise for Pharmaceutical Excellence, Ensuring Sterile and Safe Environments for Patient Safety and Product Purity.

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A closer look at the complexities of pharmaceutical production reveals a dire need for incredibly clean settings where contamination control is given first attention.

IAQ stands out as a pillar in this strictly regulated sector, providing unparalleled cleanroom expertise in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) which were created to ensure sterile pharmaceutical products are safe and pure.

We at IAQ are aware that pharmaceutical facilities must maintain the strictest hygiene guidelines in order to protect patient safety and product purity. Our proficiency in constructing GMP-grade cleanroom guarantees seamless compliance with regulatory standards and the stringent requirements set by the regulatory bodies.

We build environments that support the highest standards of pharmaceutical excellence, the GMP-grade cleanroom facility protect both the products and the people who depend on them.

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