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IAQ aims to be the regional facility solutions provider with engineering excellence to facilitate technological innovation and advancement in quality of life.  In order to make it a reality, we are constantly recruiting the brightest, most creative and talented people. People just like you!

Being an IAQ employee, you have the opportunity to work in your area of expertise or try your hand at one you’re interested in whether that be business development, design, project, commercial, accounts, finance, human resources or administration.  We pride ourselves on providing a supportive, positive and rewarding working environment.  Whatever your role, we will train and support you so that you reach your full potential

1. Project Involvement

  • Engage in all stages of electrical engineering, from conceptual design to construction administration, testing, commissioning, and handover

2. Project Coordination

  • Assume a leading role in the execution of specific projects.
  • Collaborate across multiple disciplines to ensure project delivery within budget and on schedule

3. Design Expertise

  • Conceptualize and develop electrical plans and details using Revit or AutoCAD.
  • Collaborate on the electrical design of extra high, high, medium and low voltage power distribution, lighting, lightning protection, and grounding systems that meet project requirements and comply with relevant regulations and industry standards.
  • Generate engineering-related calculations, create drawings and formulate design specifications.
  • Develop electrical models in ETAP to compute arc flash, fault currents and voltage drop
  • Employ lighting design software for precise lighting calculations.

4. Project Management

  • Conduct site visits and assessments to evaluate electrical infrastructure needs, identify potential issues, and ensure adherence to design specifications.
  • Coordinate with project managers to develop project timelines, budgets, and resource allocation plans for electrical installations.
  • Review and approve electrical submittals, shop drawings, and material specifications from subcontractors and suppliers. Respond to RFIs and attend client meetings.

5. Supervision and Quality Control

  • Supervise electrical contractors and technicians to ensure proper installation, testing, and commissioning of electrical systems.
  • Perform quality control inspections to verify compliance with design specifications and applicable codes.
  • Troubleshoot electrical systems, diagnose malfunctions, and propose effective solutions to minimize downtime and ensure optimal performance.

6. Documentation and Progress Reporting

  • Collaborate with project teams to compile progress reports, project documentation, and as-built drawings.

7. Continuous Improvement

  • Stay updated on industry trends, technological advancements, and electrical codes to recommend improvements and implement best practices.
  • Research, develop, design, specify and witness the testing of electrical systems, equipment, components and materials, applying principles and techniques of electrical engineering.

8. Leadership and Mentoring

    • Assist in proposal preparation in conjunction with senior leadership.
    • Review and assess the work output of junior team members to ensure quality and adherence to standards.
    • Provide leadership and guidance to junior team members, fostering their technical expertise and personal growth.
    • Cultivate a collaborative environment by guiding and supporting junior team members in their tasks
  • Possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering or a related field, or demonstrate equivalent experience and/or education.
  • Have 4 years or more of experience in electrical engineering within a consulting or design-build firm.
  • Registered Graduate Engineer with the Board of Engineers Malaysia.
  • Experience in projects of a Mission-Critical nature.
  • Demonstrated adaptability, strong independent work ethic, and a proactive approach to tasks.
  • Experience with ETAP / SKM.
  • Experience with sustainable design.
  • Highly motivated with strong organizational and time management skills;
  • Ability to multi task, working on several projects at any one time;
  • Ability to work well in a team environment;
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Good spoken and written English, Chinese and B. Malaysia;
  • Successful candidates will primarily be based at Headquarters, providing remote support to projects, with on-site assignments as needed.

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