IAQ’s Commitment to Education: Empowering SMJK Chung Hwa Confucian with a Generous Donation

IAQ is delighted to announce its recent contribution to SMJK Chung Hwa Confucian, a heartfelt endeavour as part of our ongoing commitment to giving back to the community. A donation of RM 270k has been made, earmarked to provide Smart TVs that will enhance and modernize the education experience, aligning with the School Transformation 2025 (TS25) program.

The generous donation from IAQ is directed towards providing Smart TVs, a cutting-edge tool that will revolutionize the teaching and learning experience at SMJK Chung Hwa Confucian. By integrating digital applications into education, the Smart TVs are poised to elevate the quality of teaching, aligning with the forward-looking goals of the School Transformation 2025 initiative.

Education is a cornerstone of societal progress, and IAQ believes that by supporting initiatives like this, we can make a significance difference in the lives of students and educators alike. The donation reflects our commitment to investing in the future, providing tools that empower schools to prepare students for the demands of a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

IAQ extends its heartfelt appreciation to our dedicated employees whose hard work and commitment have made this donation possible. It is their collective efforts that enable us to contribute meaningfully to the community and create positive impacts that extend beyond the workplace.

The spirit of giving and community involvement is deeply ingrained in IAQ’s values. We encourage all our employees to join us in supporting causes that resonate with them, be it through volunteering or donations. Every small effort contributes to a larger impact, and by fostering a culture of generosity, we believe we can collectively create a positive ripple effect.

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