Western Discovery Trip to Europe

In the wake of a tremendously successful year in 2022, IAQ is excited to celebrate its achievements by honouring the dedication and hard work of its outstanding staff. Recognizing the crucial role played by the team in achieving remarkable results, IAQ has rewarded 20 exceptional individuals with a Western Discovery Trip to Europe, spanning 10 days and 7 nights.

The Western Discovery Trip is a token of gratitude from IAQ to its dedicated staff members. This carefully curated journey is a prove to the company’s commitment to recognizing and appreciating the efforts of its staffs.

The trip is designed to be a fruitful experience, offering the staff the opportunity to explore the rich tapestry of Europe. A bunch of activities has been meticulously planned, ensuring a perfect blend of sightseeing, cultural exploration, and, of course, ample leisure time for relaxation and enjoyment.

From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, the itinerary is packed with captivating sightseeing opportunities. The staff will have the chance to marvel at the architectural wonders of Europe. The trip aims to provide a comprehensive view of Europe’s diverse cultural and historical heritage. IAQ extends its heartfelt appreciation to the exceptional staff who contributed to the year’s outstanding success. The Western Discovery Trip to is a celebration of the collective achievements and a token of gratitude for the hard work and determination exhibited by the IAQ team. Here’s to a remarkable 2022 and an even brighter future for IAQ and its dedicated staff.

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